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Father and daughter during a supervised visitation

Supervised visits at Home or one of our convenient locations

King County supervised visitation and it's related services are available at one of our locations, at home or out in the community.

We want the parents of King county to know that the well being of the children is our greatest concern. Supervised visitation is a matter we take very seriously. We supervise all aspects of the visit while creating and maintaining an atmosphere that is one of enjoyment and harmony for the children.

Supervised child exchanges

Supervised Visitation Exchanges

When parents are doing child exchanges it can be a tough on the kids. We want the children to feel at peace and relaxed during our supervised visits. By properly structuring both the mood and environment, together we can rebuild relationships and prove to our kids that we can get along and live in a loving way. The attitudes during the exchange will often dictate the child's mood and reactions. We love and want the best for our children. King County supervised visitation will work with the parents and the children to ensure a safe,
and compliant exchange so that the kids have the best time possible.


Reunification with a parent or family can be the result of many different circumstances. Regardless of the reason, King County supervised visitation will provide the proper guidance, observance and environment to see that this special time is managed with care and propriety. This is a wonderful time for the parents and the child. The needs of the child will be met by all involved and we are overjoyed to be a part of this wonderful process.

Father and Daughter are reunifying.
A Father on a supervised phone call with his child

Supervised Phone Calls

We want your interactions with your child to be valuable and to help nurture your relationship. Hearing your child on the phone can be a very uplifting, happy experience for all involved when certain guidelines and understandings are maintained.

We facilitate supervised phone calls in King County. No additional equipment is required for us to manage this simple but highly valuable time for you and your kids.

Our staff will monitor the telephone calls between the non-custodial parent and the kids to make sure that all rules, guidelines and acceptable, proper behavior is being conducted at at all times.



Overnight visitation between Father and Kid

Overnight Supervised Visitation

Overnight visits can be stressful for both children and adults alike. King County Supervised Visitation has the experience required to create and maintain a fun and appropriate setting for supervised overnights.

Making the exchanges, from drop off to pick up, we can provide a safe and enjoyable environment for your child. Our supervision staff members are specifically trained to observe and evaluate while maintaining a healthy respect level for the parents and child's time together. At no time is our  supervision staff member out of contact with your child.

Sno-King Visitation

Dedicated professionals

  • Educated Staff


    Masters of Social Work 

    Masters of Education

    Mental Health Specialist 


  • Specialty Training

    Adult Felony and Misdemeanor Probation

    Early Childhood Education

    Drug, Alcohol, Addiction Specialists

    Domestic Violence Specialists

    At Risk Youth



  • Multi Lingual


    Chinese Speaking  

    Spanish Speaking

    Korean Speaking

King county Supervised visitation

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What Our Clients Say

Brandon and his team are very professional and helpful. Very flexible with schedules, and friendly. It's nice to see a company actually want to help families, not just go through the motions to get paid. Thank you for helping my friend through this step in his process to spend time with his son. You were the perfect fit!

Carrie D

Everett, WA

Been in a custody battle with my ex for quite some time.  I got supervised visitation with my kids and was told it was almost impossible to find a visitation supervisor to do the 1 hr visits that I was supposed to get. I looked around for about 2 weeks before I found Sno-King. I reached out and within a couple hrs Brandon answered my email. He assured me that he would be able to set up visitation and that I  shouldn't stress about it any longer. Within a few days everything was set up and i was to visit with my kids. Brandon was extremely helpful with the entire process and took in-depth notes that really helped prove to the courts I am a good father.

Matt S.

Anacortes, WA

Sno-King Visitation was great! Brandon and other staff members were so kind and helpful. Brandon was flexible with scheduling, which was a great help for me and my son's father. My son had a great time at the visits and loved all of the staff members. Thank you for all you have done for me, my son, and my son's father over the last several months.

Sarah T.

Seattle, WA

King County Supervised Visitation

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